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CakePHP 3 with TinyAuth & Blame

I want to walk you through a blank CakePHP 3 setup and install a few worthwhile plugins. The primary goal of this post is to show how to setup Dereuromark’s TinyAuth plugin which is fantastic however may leave a few newbies scratching their heads trying to get it set up. So what follows will be […]

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Install CakePHP3 on Laravel Homestead

This guide is not comprehensive, it is assumed that you have already installed Vagrant, Laravel Homestead and VirtualBox. The guide is based on Mac OSX10.10. CakePHP3 requires the php5-intl extension that at the time of writing is not by default installed on Laravel Homestead. The good news is that it’s easy to install. First you […]


Install CakePHP2 on Codio

I only just discovered Codio yesterday! How come nobody ever told me about this? If you haven’t tried it yet and you are a keen programmer you should try it out. Chances are though you here because you are trying to get CakePHP2 working. Well I’ve put in the hard work for you so just […]


Encrypt & Decrypt CakePHP2 Database Fields

In a current project I’ve been working on I needed to encrypt and decrypt database fields such as user phone numbers and email address. While this is not the only security measure you should have in place it’s certainly worth while for sensitive data that you want to provide a little extra obscurity for. Remember […]